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Siemens MB91101 Porsche Liquidizer

Welcome to the Insumio Siemens Porsche product page. These beautifully crafted machines combine the design skill of Porsche with the solid engineering of Siemens. Without a doubt, these are some of the most sleek and refined items you can buy for your home.

Siemens Porsche Liquidizer 
Siemens MB91101 Porsche Liquidizer

Simple and useful, a modern kitchen is not complete without this great looking liquidizer from the Siemens Porsche kitchen range.

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* Capacity (litres): 1.5
* Cordless: no
* Detachable Foot Handblender: no
* Electronic Handmixer: yes
* Hand Mixer Attachments: no
* Handblender Foot Attachments: no
* Handmixer Accessories: no
* Handmixer Stand: no
* Handmixers: basic
* Handmixers Cutting Rod: no
* Liquidiser Attachments: no
* Mini Chopper Accessory: no
* Mini Chopper Attachments: no
* Multifunction (Trad. Km + Foodprocessor): no
* Number of Speeds: 1 speed
* Type: Hand Blender
* Variable Speed: no
* Wattage: 450

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